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automatic restart

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I want to restart the core and the gui automatically after 24 h. I'm workung with a fedora core 3 linux server. To stop the overnetclc  has the idea to make  a cron job and killall overnetclc. But how can I restart the core on the comannd line to start the overnetclc for the gui???


    • Tim-Philipp Muller

      Just do

        killall overnetclc
        sleep 5;
        killall -9 overnetclc
        sleep 5;
        /path/to/overnetclc --daemon -g -l
        sleep 10;
        killall ed2k_gui
        sleep 5;
        DISPLAY=:0 /path/to/ed2k_gui

      or something like that. Should work fine if GUI has 'auto-connect to core on start-up' option set.

      Assumes core and GUI both run as your normal user joe.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Haven't time ago in the gui a commandline option to shutdown the core cleanly, later replaced by a stanalone ed2k_shutdown?. At least for old cores, for sending advanced commands as dumax, and pipe for elinks.



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