#186 strange values in time column

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I have attached a .png of this behaviour. The two files
in question are "El Gran Azul CD2.avi" and "Abierto
hasta el amanecer.avi".

They are of the same size (699 MB and 700 MB) and are
downloading at a similar speed (3.1 and 3.2,
respectively). But the "time" column shows 59h for the
first of them and 130h for the other.

I understand that the "time" column ("tiempo", in the
picture) shows the approximate time left at this speed.
żIs it using some average of the download rate over an
extended period of time? If so, the first one has
downloaded 8MB and the second one, 12MB.

I hope I have helped you improve this great piece of

The data on the "About" page is:

ed2k-gtk-gui version 0.6.3
(build Aug 27 2004 18:36:45)
Versión del núcleo (żkernel version?): 1002 (build
26082004) (local pid=26290)
Character code: ISO-8859-15


  • Tim-Philipp Muller

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    If you download what appears like copyrighted files to me, you should
    at least not advertise it in public forums like this bug-tracker, given
    that downloading copyrighted files is illegal in the country where this
    bug-tracker is located (the US).

    Now, the reason for the varying Time Left estimate is this:

    The GUI does not simply calculate 'How long would it take to download
    the rest of the file given the current download speed?'. That would be a
    bit too simple.

    Instead, the GUI calculates the overall download speed average
    _including times when nothing was downloaded at all_. It then
    calculates the estimated time left using that value. This results in a
    much better overall estimate.


  • Tim-Philipp Muller

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