#184 Remove Dead Server setting not saved

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I am using the 0.6.3 client with the edonkey 1.0.2
command line client in Linux (Gentoo Linux).

The client doesn't save the value of the "automatically
remove dead servers" option in the server options menu
on the servers tab.

This option doesn't even appear in the options
configuration file.


  • Paulo Sedrez

    Paulo Sedrez - 2004-10-08

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    I understand "automatically remove dead servers" is a GUI
    option related to the client option "asr". As this option
    does not exists anymore in the client, the server gets
    confused: assumes it is "on" on startup, sometimes sets it
    "on" again - even if we manually set it "off" - and tries to
    remove the "dead servers" by itself.

    This is an annoying bug: I have some Internet shortages from
    time to time, and my server list is cleared during this.
    And, of course, downloads stop until I can recover the
    server list.

  • Tim-Philipp Muller

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    Yes, it is rather annoying, I agree. Needs to be fixed in the core. I'll see if I can
    add the 'asr' command again.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    yes, a fix would be fantastic... then my list wouldn't be
    cleared whenever the modem freezes... -_-
    thanks for working on it Tim/uberdork


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