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eCyberpunk Platform 0.1 and Character Editor 0.2 released!

The new eCyberpunk Platform is the first alpha release for a standard platform to support the eCyberpunk tools for R Talsorian's roleplaying game Cyberpunk 2020. It currently supports
- Pluggable architecture
- XML Module definitions
- Scripting of flow between toolbars, docks, actions, and Frames
- it's own Metal Theme - eCyberpunk

Character Editor 0.2 is the first plugin available for the platform and has been changed from it's original release to also include all the plugin requirements and changes, and new Skill point allocation screen and slightly enhanced HTML character sheet

Posted by Calum Shaw-Mackay 2002-10-01

The long road begins....

The first set of source code is in CVS.

This project needs You! (In my best conscription-type voice!)

On 20th September, the first set of source code was placed into CVS for the ecyberpunk project. It isn't perfect - it will be revised, after all that is what CVS is for! There are of course a few steps to got through immediately before I'll do a file release package.

Namely, all source files will have to contain a GPL reference as per the GPL license, and the build files will have to be written ad provided for the community. ... read more

Posted by Calum Shaw-Mackay 2002-09-21