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New! [Getting Started with iMX6 and eCos SMP]
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Welcome to my eCos Freescale Project!

I have been working on a few extensions to the eCos Kinetis HAL (TWR-ADCDAC-LTC and FRAM) as well as [iMX6] SMP support. Since I would like some developers to help out, I decided to create a project here to document things and collaborate.

The long term goal of this project is incorporation of code into the eCos source repository. Therefore, if you want write access to SVN, you must have a copyright assignment in place for eCos and agree that your contributions are assigned. This will prevent problems down the road when the code is mature enough for consideration and submission to the eCos team.

See this page for information on copyright assignment.

If you just want to use the code for a project, that is fine too, but the current state of the code here is such that it works in a more limited sense than code in the eCos tree. This is because it is not throughly tested, and some of the configuration options are not "connected" to the code. Practically this means you can use an ecos.ecc file supplied here and duplicate my results, but if you stray too far from that, you must be prepared to work on the provided code itself.

The iMX6 SMP code works on a Wandboard and Freescale SabreSD board. The iMX6 code is currently a mixture of eCos and Freescale SDK code. The top level directory of the Freescale SDK has a license that allows code redistribution and one of the eCos team members has stated it looks ok to incorporate into eCos.

So far, the following work on the iMX6 SMP:

  • iMX6Q Wandboard or SabreSD
  • MMC
  • I Cache, D Cache, L2 Cache
  • SMP via ARM HAL
  • Boot application from SDHC Card
  • UART (driver and diag_printf)
  • SDHC Card (Wand only)
  • Ethernet (lwip application working)
  • gcc 4.7.3 Toolchain

Things that are not working:

  • Redboot
  • GPIO
  • SPI

Code for Kinetis is limited and mainly consists of support for FRAM and the Tower TWR-ADCDAC-LTC board. I am not in a rush to get these into the eCos codebase. They are provided here to help anyone that wants to use it. My main goal is work on the iMX6 HAL.

The wiki uses Markdown syntax.

Project Members:


Wiki: Getting Started with iMX6 and eCos SMP
Wiki: Language Extensions
Wiki: iMX6 Performance
Wiki: iMX6

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