ECL 0.9h released

Apart from important bugs being fixed, this release makes slightly better use
of the Boehm-Weiser garbage collector, thereby reducing memory use. Typically,
in a linux/x86 box this can be as little as 6Mb of which 2.7Mb are shared
libraries (including both lisp and C libraries).

Another highlight of this release are the improvements in the foreign function
interface. First of all, callbacks are now supported for all architectures
using compiled code. Second, we have new, nonportable code for dynamically
accessing C/C++ functions in shared libraries, as well as creating callbacks on
the fly. Due to the need for assembly code, this is currently supported on the
Intel-x86 architecture only, but can be extended to other ports.

Also of interests are the ASDF routines introduced by Michael Goffioul for
building unified FASL files, shared libraries and standalone executables up
from a single system definition file. For a simple example see

Finally, we have added a new platform to our list: OpenBSD. This port benefits
from the changes in ECL's own conservative garbage collector, which, at the
cost of being slightly slower, is the only one supported on this operating

Posted by Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll 2005-11-16

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