I have fixed one more bug in ECL, this time related to the alignment of elementary C types (double, int, etc). We now gather the information from the compiler at compilation time, which is great, portable and robust.

With this fix CFFI, plus the patches I submitted for the CFFI test suite, ECL has no unexpected failure and the output of the test suite is

4 out of 222 total tests failed: DEFCFUN.NOOP, CALLBACKS.BFF.1, CALLBACKS.BFF.2,

There remain two question.

The simplest one is as follows: does it make sense to provide inline forms for  %foreign-type-size and %foreign-type-alignment, or are they use scarcely?

The second question is whether CFFI itself produces inline forms of the expressions dealing with foreign types. I mean conversion to/from lisp, etc.


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