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  • Martin Kofoed

    Martin Kofoed - 2009-08-14


    In my workspace, I have a couple of .ear projects with web and ejb projects attached. Now I would like to create a .docs project containing all my .wiki files, instead of having them in each project seperately. In the editor I am indeed able to utilize code completion for all classes across projects, but the wiki cannot embed or link to the source files.

    Am I missing something here?

    BTW, the .docs project is created as a standard java project.

    • Channing Walton

      Channing Walton - 2009-08-14

      currently you can only link to source that is in the current project. i don't think it would be much effort to extend this to projects on the build path. that way, you can create you java document project, and add other projects to its build path, and then link as usual.

      alternatively, I could have an option to search the workspace rather than just the current project - probably easiest of all?

      • Martin Kofoed

        Martin Kofoed - 2009-08-14


        Thanks for the swift reply..

        Funny thing is, when I create the exact same setup in eclipse (Galileo), everything works as I want it to. I can reference as well as embed source files from other projects.

        When I do the same thing in the latest version of Rational Application Developer (aka. IBM Eclipse), it doesn't work.

        But yes, covering the complete workspace would be ideal. That way functionality would definately match the project description (" * Link to resources in the Eclipse workspace"). Perhaps it already *does* - just not in RAD 7.5.x

        • Martin Kofoed

          Martin Kofoed - 2009-08-14

          Oh, one detail: I am installing the plugin manually in RAD. Could I be missing any dependencies, perhaps?

          • Channing Walton

            Channing Walton - 2009-09-02

            Hi, sorry for the delay in posting - I got swine flu :-(

            Manual install shouldn't be a problem at all. If a plugin doesn't have everything it needs I don't think eclipse will load it.


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