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  • GoldWater

    GoldWater - 2007-08-24

    Hi, Mr. Dexter,

    I loved your tutorial.  It really help me a lot.  I just have a question for you.  Can the lesson rewind to a particular place in the lesson, because sometime when I missed something, I would like to see it again, I have to start from the beginning.  I saw the rewind feature, but it does not seem to work for me.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Mark Dexter

      Mark Dexter - 2007-08-24

      When you played the lesson, did you open the "Lesson 1.SWT" file or the "Lesson 1.HTML" file. If you open the ".HTML" file you should have a VCR-type control panel just below the video. This lets you rewind, fast-forward, etc. If you open the ".SWT" file, you don't see the control. Hope this helps, and I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial. Cheers.


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