Iceburg - 2013-07-12

I have finished working through your Total Beginners, Persistence, and Debugger tutorials, and I registered just so that I could thank you. Your tutorials are the best I've found on the subject, if not some of the best tutorials on any subject that I've found on the internet, and were easily more informative and better done than some of my college classes. Your pacing was perfect, with your preview-review-outlines cementing what we'd just done/ were about to do. Typing the code along side us and explaining what was going on was perfect. Even your outline was great, giving us new code at a pace that neither left us lost or made us board. Well done! I normally hate debugging programs, but you made even that interesting with your systematic approach, and learning TDD also feels really helpful; as a business major TDD seems to perfectly line up with Six Sigma/Lean processes.
So thank you! I'm sure that producing these tutorials took a lot of work, so I wanted to let you know that I VERY much appreciate you offering them for free like this.
Thank you!