Lesson 14 - "AllTests.java"

  • Camdon Buckley

    Camdon Buckley - 2012-08-08

    Hi Mark,

    I would like to first thank you for the magnificent job you did on your tutorials. You take them further than text based tutorials or books that simply show the finished code, and make it a lot easier to understand than the 75+ eBooks I've looked through. You explanations of syntax, variables and operators are simple enough for the newest of coders, and thorough enough for someone with experience in other languages. The "Eclipse Tips" you give are great too! I will definitely be recommending this page to anyone who inquires in the future about the best ways to learn Java.

    I quickly want to point out that within section 14 you make mention to an AllTests.java file that was not previously created throughout the tutorial, and I personally simply paused the video long enough to copy the contents.

    Within the companion booklet it mentions the initial code in lesson 7 (Page 21/45), but when viewing lesson 7 (I watched it twice again to be sure, after I watched lesson 14) you do not create the file anywhere. It wasn't a huge deal for me as I have prior experience in Basic, AutoIt, and some other languages, so it was super easy to adjust.

    I just figured I'd point this out to possibly be updated, or referenced, just so less experienced coders don't get confused.

  • samato

    samato - 2012-08-15

    Oddly, I just finished the tutorial series and didn't run into this problem.  I don't recall in which lesson the "test suite" was created, but I definitely created within the tutorial somewhere along the way and had an AllTests file.  


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