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EclipseTrader / News: Recent posts

Release 0.4

I had not much time this week for adding new features to the program. This release focuses on some minor bugfixes and the addition of some features (mainly used internally by the Eclipse platform) that were fixed in the recent Eclipse 3.0.1 release.

A new plugin was added to the distribution: DirectaWorld a free realtime data provider for the Italian stock market.

This release requires Eclipse RCP 3.0.1 to work properly.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-09-21

Release 0.3

With this release I have worked mainly on the chart views by better defining the interfaces that will be used to draw charts. At this time you can display all charts from the portfolio view with a fixed set of indicators (two medium average and the RSI indicator).
I see that the project had several downloads, good, however I would also like to see some comments on the forums, or feature requests, or something. So, if you are interested in the project, please drop a note al let me know what you are thinking about it.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-09-13

Release 0.2

Another little step toward code maturity.
Beside some improvement in the code organization, this release add support for realtime charts and trading. Unfortunately I still can't release the realtime trading plugin used for testing (it uses some proprietary code). Hope that in the future things are changing on this side.
Starting from this release I changed the license to the Common Public License, mainly because the Eclipse platform is released under this license (so folks at the Eclipse Foundation are happy). In truth I can't care less about the license used, provided that it is compliant with the Open Source principles (any OSI-approved license should be acceptable), so if you want to use the code in a program licensed with another OSI license (GPL for example) no problem, just drop me a note and I'll send you a formal authorization.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-08-28

Version 0.1 Released

Still very unstable, this release feature a better organization of the source code and extension points, and add the book view and a preliminary of the chart view.
The data provider plugins are still limited to Yahoo quotes, so the book view can't be used.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-08-21

First preview release

In order to give you something to look at, I have released a first preview of the plugins. Consider this release less than an alpha-preview made mainly only to let you take a look at the source code and preview how the things are going.

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2004-08-15