Eclipse Trader 0.20 Released

After many months of apparent inactivity, EclipseTrader 0.20 was finally released with many new enhancements, starting from a completely redesigned database structure, a partial rewrite of the UI layout, and source code repository migration.

Eclipse Trader is a set of plugins for the Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) dedicated to the building of an online stock trading system, featuring shares pricing watch, intraday and history charts with technical analysis indicators, level II/market depth view, news watching and integrated trading.

Here is a brief list of the enhancements made in this release:


The new database structure is now based on security definition. A security can have properties that defines how data are feeded. The new security view displays all the defined securities and is the starting point for the creation of watchlists and charts.


The former stock watch view is now called a watchlist. The basic concept doesn't change but the new name better reflects the intention of the view. The new database structure allows the creation of any number of watchlists, each with its own securities list and with a mix of securities feeded by different data providers. Watchlists also can be displayed either in the classic table layout or in the new ribbon layout (that is the layout used by the old index view).


The charts view was redesigned with a tabbed layout. New indicators can be placed over existing indicators, in new tabs on the same row with other indicators, or alone in new rows. Drawing tools can now be added to the charts to show trends and retrace boundaries. The intraday charts are now integrated with the historical charts, a menu selection allows to switch from the historical and intraday charts.


The news section was enhanced to allow security specific news lists, if the news data provider allows this kind of filtering.


Starting from this release, the source code is available from the subversion repository. The cvs repository is now obsolete. The subversion repository contains only the code starting from this version, all previous sources history are available from the cvs repository using one of the available release tags.

Known issues

Due to the deep redesign of the core structure, the plugins built for the previous release cannot work with this version. Some of the charts indicators are still missing and the alerts feature is not available, it will be available in the next release.

Download from:

To checkout the source:
svn co eclipsetrader

Posted by Marco Maccaferri 2006-04-19

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