SQLExplorer 3.5.0 beta 1

  • spackers

    spackers - 2007-08-28

    Dear all,

    There is a new version of SQLExplorer available for download as a beta, in CVS and as plugin & rcp binaries.  There are a lot of changes and I have only been able to test this on Oracle and MySQL.  It would be particularly useful if someone could test it on DB2 or Postgres because there have been some changes there due to code refactoring.

    If you are a developer and work on DB2, MySQL, Postgres or any other database which supports stored procedures, there are a number of changes which improve SQLExplorer's handling of error messages etc but which require database specific extensions; it's a pretty easy process, please see "Database-Specific Features (including Stored Procedures)" in the online help for how add the extension for your database.

    The main changes from the end-users perspective are:

    * The separate SqlResultsView has been removed and the query results are now part of the editor that executed them (they appear as tabs in the bottom part of the editor view)

    * Messages from the database server are now checked for and retrieved after each query,    and then added to a Messages tab (attached to the editor next to the result tabs). The line/column that caused the error is recorded and clicking on a row in the Messages tab takes you to the line/character that caused the error.  Currently only supported on Oracle.

    * You no longer need to use special separator characters to break up your SQL code (currently this is only supported on Oracle but other databases can be relatively easily added).

    * Structured Comments are a new feature which allow you embed instructions to SQLExplorer in your SQL scripts.  This can be used for conditional compilation and for macro expansion (you'll recognise this straight away if you've previously used C/C++), but future versions will support asking the user questions, data type overriding, importing, exporting, and client-side scripting with JavaScript.  Because the commands are disguised in comments this facility will NOT make your script incompatable with other tools.

    * New preferences for:
        a) Clear result tabs on execute
        b) Use long captions on result tabs
        c) Stop processing queries when an error is found
        d) prompt to save modified editors when closing

    * Prompt to save files before closing (optional - see preferences)

    * Added support for opening files from Eclipse, I.E. via a Project

    * Basic online help - this is based on the website plus documentation of new features

    And from the developers perspective:

    * There is a new DatabaseProduct class which can optionally be implemented by a database fragment to extend the data types supported and the query parser cabailities (see online help)

    * There are new general-purpose QueryParser and Tokenizer classes for reading SQL and Structured Comments.

    * Database-specific extensions are required to abstract database specific components which do not easily fit into the Eclipse plugin architecture (see DatabaseProduct).

    * Added Structured Comments for macros, conditional compilation, and other scriptable functionality without compromising compatability with other, standard SQL tools (this can be disabled in preferences).

    * Refactored the Preference pages, simplifying the code and extracting commonality

    * DataSet now uses reflection to determine data types; there is partial implementation of additional datatypes at the moment - work here was stalled and will be completed soon.

    * Drivers are loaded by the ClassLoader of the database extension


    • Wouter Vernaillen

      Hi John,

      This is very good news. I'm surprised with the size of the list of changes. Nice work!

      I'm downloading the standalone version as I'm writing this and I will start testing today.

      I have added a new forum called 'Beta Testing' to post the test results.


    • spackers

      spackers - 2007-08-29

      :) Thanks Wouter, hope you like it!

      I've got a few other changes coming up when I get five minutes too.


    • Oleh Hapon

      Oleh Hapon - 2007-09-07


      SQLExplorer is good tool.

      What about ERD Diagramm/Database Designer ?


      Oleh Hapon.

    • spackers

      spackers - 2007-09-18

      Hi Oleh,

      Do you mean to add a diagram designer into SQLExplorer?  Personally I think that's a bit out of the scope of SQLExplorer (as well as being a pretty major project in its own right); on the other hand if you'd like to start working on one we could add it in ... :)


    • patrice

      patrice - 2007-09-18


      Thanks for your quick answer.
      I'd like to do something like that:
      update <tableName> set <columnName> = '並能順利瀏覽維基百' where <restricClause>;
      My problem is that after update my simplified chinese looks like that: "????????".
      I hope my question is more comprehensible.


    • spackers

      spackers - 2007-09-18

      Hi Patrice,

      I _think_ that this will be a generic Eclipse issue because SQLExplorer uses the Eclipse-provided text editor; I've found the following page which appears to address the issue:


      Also found the following on http://www.compoundtheory.com/?action=displayCategory&ID=8

         Much thanks to Rob from CFEclipse for pointing this out for me.
         Eclipse by default does not support Unicode / UTF-8.
         Turning it on, is very easy if you know where it is.
         Goto: Window > Preferences > Workbench > Editors

         At the bottom of that screen you can see 'Text file encoding'. Just choose the relevent one
         (choices range from US-ASCII to UTF-8), click the one you want, and presto, away you go.

         Then just reopen the UTF-8 file you had, and presto - Unicode Support!

      Please let me what you find out.


    • Venkky

      Venkky - 2007-09-22

      Hi, Its really good to see the SQLExplorer for Eclipse Europa. When will be the standard release available? Could you please send me the roadmap of your releases as we are recommending our customers to use SQLExplorer for our database.

      • spackers

        spackers - 2007-09-27

        The standard release will be as soon as possible, but realistically should be here before the end of the year.  As for development roadmap, plans at the moment are:


        +. Various bug fixes from beta1
        +. Include the existing PostgreSQL plugin
        +. Break out connections into Alias -> User -> Session & Connection, with pooled/on demand connections
        +. Support for output variables when executing stored procedures, specifically to support output cursors


        +. Add a batch script execution facility - using wildcards and inclusion/exclusion, allow the user to execute a series of files and to save that  filelist for later runs
        +. Merge Database Structure into the ConnectionsView
        +. Finally get round to adding support for XMLType and CLOB
        +. Using structured comments to:
        .     prompt the user for questions so that macros can be dynamically defined
        .     override datatype and formats
        .     export and import by script
        +. RCP edition to include "new/open project" and "search" menus

        Finally, for a later version I'm considering ways to implement client based JavaScript scripting but there are a lot of implications.


    • Venkky

      Venkky - 2007-09-22

      My mail id is venkky_in@yahoo.com


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