Is this project dead?

  • Martin Cordova

    Martin Cordova - 2008-07-04

    Man, I love this project, I extended it to create code generators for our J2EE framework (Dinamica), the task was very well documented and the end result was very satisfactory for us, but I see almost no activity in this project since november 2007. Is it alive?


    • spackers

      spackers - 2008-07-05

      It's still hanging in there but the truth is that I simply don't have enough time to spend on it any more.  Occasionally (as in a few weeks ago) I have to make some changes or fixes and these get uploaded into CVS, but it would be foolish to suggest that my priorities were anyone's but my own. 


      • Martin Cordova

        Martin Cordova - 2008-07-05

        Thank you for the honest answer. I this is the best project in its kind. DTP sucks when compared to SQL Explorer, and when considering extending the plugin, this one is also the best. I wonder if you would be available to answer ocassional technical questions -via this forum- if we decide to patch some things from time to time. v3.5 is working great, except that it won't close Database views when you close the connection, I think we would like to work on that bug.

        Good luck with your current and future projects, thank you for creating this plugin.

        Best regards,
        Martin Cordova
        Dinamica - Ajax/J2EE framework

    • spackers

      spackers - 2008-07-07

      Sure thing - I'll do my best to answer anything you come up with.  If I don't answer immediately, it might be because I haven't noticed the post on this forum - feel free to nudge me by direct email.



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