spackers - 2007-10-16

Dear all,

RC1 is now out, please take a look.  This is (hopefully) a pretty stable version and a full release should be pretty imminent.  Change notes below.


Change Notes

+. Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when processing some named parameters
+. Fixed bugs with named parameters where a) support of JDBCv3 was accidentally excluded, b) multiple cursors in a single query were not supported, c) if parameters were used more than once in a single query they were reported back more than once
+. Changed result tab titles for output parameters
+. Fixed bug in Oracle where compound error messages have the first details excluded from the Messages tab
+. Fixed bug in Oracle where line numbers in anonymous pl/sql blocks are not processed properly
+. Fixed bug where named parameters might not show the output value if referenced more than once; also supported the case where output parameters are referenced more than once and therefore have multiple output values.
+. Drivers:
    +. Fixed bug where "Extra Class Path" jars were doubled up each time the preferences was saved.
    +. Validate the ok button after list drivers
    +. If there is an error while connecting, the message is now [more] descriptive
    +. Sort the drivers drop down in connections editor
    +. Create connection only shows valid drivers
    +. Can add/edit drivers from "Edit Connection Profile" page
+. Connections which are closed by the server are detected and re-established next time the connection is used (you should receive one error message about closed connection etc, but the next time you execute all is well)
+. Added auto-commit and commit-on-close to SQL Editor toolbar
+. Fixed caching bug in ImageUtil (se bug report 1627113)