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#77 Disable count


In MySQL with InnoDB engine "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table" executes VERY LONG TIME!!! It`s engine limitations.
Please don`t count total number of rows in Database Explorer and don`t get preview. This features must be selective.

1. Create connection to mysql database with InnoDB table (>1000000 rows)
2. Double click on connection
3. Eclipse be suspended


  • Roman V. Nikolaev

    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Roman V. Nikolaev

    step 2:
    2.1 double click on connection.
    2.2 goto Database Struct
    2.3 double click on database.
    SQL Explorer try to update Database Detail and you have step 3.

  • Heiko Hilbert

    Heiko Hilbert - 2010-07-07

    As far as I know, we don't count rows on openning connection with double click. One problem are database servers with many databases/schemas in addition with slow network connection because the complete structure is read when structure view is opened. One problem I have is working via a VPN connection. Idle connections on the VPN chanel becomes broken. If you use such a connection it is possible to freeze eclispe. I don't see any chance to slove this problem becuase it seems that the databse (socket) request 'never' comes back.
    I can try to move all database request which are called from the UI-Thread into separated jobs, but this is not allways possible.
    So again the question: Do you have any exceptions in your eclispe error log?

  • Heiko Hilbert

    Heiko Hilbert - 2010-07-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> hhilbert
  • Roman V. Nikolaev

    Step 2.3 double click on some table (with InnoDB engine, >1000000 rows).

    Problem not on database open, but on table open.

    P.S. I use local network to connect to databases.

  • Roman V. Nikolaev

    P.P.S. Where eclipse error log? I find .log file in my .metadata folder. But in this file no interesting messages for this bug.

  • Davy Vanherbergen

    • status: open --> open-invalid
  • Davy Vanherbergen

    Neither the row count or the preview queries are executed by default.
    These queries will only trigger when you open those tabs.
    Keep in mind that these tabs can be sticky, i.e. when you look at a row count on one table and then select another table in the db structure view, the row count tab remains active and will show the row count for the newly selected table.

  • Davy Vanherbergen

    • status: open-invalid --> closed-invalid

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