Hi everyone,

I packaged a MIDlet application using the integrated tool, Carbide.j, in Eclispe and signed the package with my coding certificate from thawte to enable the messaging functionality of my MIDlet application.  Directly after I packaged the application and before I signed it I received the following error in the error log:


             Usage: preverify1.1.exe [options] classnames|dirnames ...

              where options include:
              -classpath     <directories separated by ';'>
                  Directories in which to look for classes
              -d <directory> Directory in which output is written (default is ./output/)
              -cldc1.0       Checks for existence of language features prohibited
                  by CLDC 1.0 (native methods, floating point and finalizers)
              -nofinalize    No finalizers allowed
              -nonative      No native methods allowed
              -nofp          No floating point operations allowed
              @<filename>    Read command line arguments from a text file
               Command line arguments must all be on a single line
               Directory names must be enclosed in double quotes (")

               Exception Stack Trace:

               An exception stack trace is not available.

               Session Data:


Can anyone tell me what this error message means? Could this error possibly have something to do with why the SMS text messaging functionality of application is not functioning properly? I was able to deploy the application to a Nokia phone, where it was installed without prompting me with the "Install untrusted application?" question. However, the text messaging functionality of my application would not work. However, this functionality works when I packaging my application using an ANT build with J2ME-Polish.

I am using:

Eclipse 3.1.2
EclipseME 1.5.3
J2ME WTK 2.2 without the patch
Carbide.j 1.0