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Json Editor Plugin - 0.9.7 released

Standardises on Eclipse features:

  • Incorporates settings from Eclipse text editor.
  • Show Line numbers
Posted by Boothen Technology 2013-07-30

Json Editor Plugin - 0.9.6 released

Bug fix release:

Fixes NPE when opening a file with "Open File"

Posted by Boothen Technology 2013-06-18

Json Editor Plugin - 0.9.5 released

Some new minor features and many bug fixes.

New features:
- Auto format on Save option.
- Choose text highlight colors.

Bug Fixes:
- Boolean validation was not case insensitive.
- Syntax highlighting failed when String value contained carriage return.
- Editor correctly uses workbench tabs and spaces setting.
- Exponential values were reported as errors.
- Validation was not reporting 1.1e as an invalid number.
- Auto indent and trailing bracket did not work on empty file.
- Cursor position and folding states were not maintained after text format.
- String containing {} reported an error in the Outline view.
- Validation error was highlighting the wrong value.
- File line ending encoding was using system default instead of project preference.

Posted by Boothen Technology 2013-06-04

Json Editor Plugin - 0.9.3 released.

New features:
- Highlighting matching brackets.
- Auto insert of brackets.

Bug Fixes:
- Open File error
- Error log messages
- Parsing exceptions

Posted by Matt Garner 2009-07-15

Json Editor Plugin - 0.9.2 released.

Update includes a Java 1.6 and Java 1.5 version. Text Folding on JSON Objects and Arrays also added.

Posted by Matt Garner 2009-06-04

Json Editor Plugin - Initial Beta version released

The first beta version of the plugin has been released. The plugin can be downloaded and installed.

Documentation and screen shots to follow.

Posted by Matt Garner 2009-06-02