Update: I think I got it. The haskell File has also to be in an Haskell Project (not really surprising). However it would be fine if the "Run GHCi" and "Run Winhugs" would not be shown if it is not possible to run. I suppose for that the settings for that are to do in the plugin.xm. But where?


2007/5/16, Philipp Volgger <pvolgger@gmail.com>:
Hi everybody!

Sometimes when I want to run a hs file with "Run Hugs" Or "Run GHCi"
nothing happens. Sometimes it works fine. Initially I thought it is
dependent in which Perspective one wants to start it, but it didn't
change even when I changed to the "Haskell" Perspective.
Any ideas?


PS: Is there a Cohatoe mail-list?