Ernesto, this means the project hasn't been built, so the executables don't exist (they would be under the .dist-buildwrapper/dist folder). Ether you forgot to build the project if you're not in auto build mode, or there is a problem preventing EclipseFP from building the project. There are no problem markers indicated on the project? Then check the console called buildwrapper output for project YourProject and see if there are any meaningful errors there.

Hope this helps.


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On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 12:48 AM, Ernesto Posse <> wrote:
Hi. I'm Trying to use HTF for testing and I followed the YouTube tutorial, but I'm running into trouble. Once the test suite has been generated I'm unable to run it. The video shows that a right-click on the project displays the context menus with options "Validate" (above "Run SourceGraph"), "Run As..." and "Debug As..." (just below "Cabal Install"). My first problem is that I don't get these options at all. I see that there is a "Test Suites entry created, and when I right-click the test suite executable I do get the options "Run as HTF test", etc. But when I click it I get a dialog asking me to select a launch configuration to run, but there are no configurations to choose from and the "OK" button is disabled. 

I tried creating my own run configuration under HTF test, but I'm not sure what should I give as "Working Directory", and there is no option to specify the executable, so when I try to run it, I get an error saying that it could not locate the executable to launch.

So what can I do?


Ernesto Posse

Modelling and Analysis in Software Engineering
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