Hi Thiago and everybody,

the call for contributions to the Haskell Communities and Activities Report (HCAR) went over the Haskell mailing list today ( http://www.haskell.org/pipermail/haskell/2007-April/019340.html). EclipseFP is listed in the last versions of the report, so I suppose we should update the information there. So I was thinking: wouldn't that be a good opportunity to release a new version 0.11? There are already some fixes in the latest darcs repo state that aren't released yet (and I think I have also some minor polishing patches on my disk). Plus we could check and make sure that we are still running on the latest Eclipse 3.3 milestones (the Eclipse API for the 3.3 release in June is already frozen, so there won't be big changes there anymore).

I'd volunteer to write a sketch for the entry and send it to the list, so that we can discuss and supplement the latest info together. What do you think?

Thanks && ciao,

Leif Frenzel