Yes, I think most of that support is now available in the GHC API, plus there is also (as I have read on the Haskell mailing list) some core IDE functionality in the form of a COM server that can be used independently of Visual Haskell. (Visual Haskell itself requires Visual Studio for which one has to have a license.) I don't know under which license, though.

Thanks && ciao,

On 2/22/07, Peter C. Chapin <> wrote:

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, Philipp Volgger wrote:

> for my Master Thesis at the Free University of Bolzano I am trying to
> implement an Haskell IDE into Eclipse - so EclipseFP is the right thing
> to start from I believe...

I'm not a Haskell person (at least not yet!) but I did notice that there
is a Haskell plug-in for Visual Studio that uses the GHC Haskell compiler.
The web page is: The plug-in
authors wrote a paper about their plug-in (available on the site).
Apparently there were some non-trivial adjustments made to GHC to make
this work (some sort of external interface to GHC's type inference
algorithm). However, one of the plug-in authors was a GHC developer, and I
got the impression that the changes were committed to the GHC code base so
that other IDE developers could take advantage of them.

This may not be news to the people here, but this seemed like a good time
to mention it just in case. :-)


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