Hi Ivan,

>> Would it be unrealistic to manage pugs development as an eclipse project?
> Don't know what are their needs. How about trying and seeing?

I suspect that a lot of them are vi fans. I'm considering giving it a shot. But
I think I should at least learn java first.
I don't think you have to learn Java, at least not if you just want to use Eclipse
for Haskell development. Eclipse is a sort of neutral platform, on which IDEs can
be built. The Java IDE is only the most famous (and most advanced) of them all,
but the Haskell support is independent of it. In fact, you can even have an Eclipse
installation with Haskell support and without Java support.

On the other hand, Eclipse has some sort of its own style, and therefore many
people who originally come from the Java world are already used to it (and love
it). It surely helps if one has already worked with the Java IDE, because many
things in EclipseFP are similarly built.

It would surely be great if you would try out Pugs development with EclipseFP.
Please let us know your experiences :-)

Hope this helps