Question about Eclipse plugin configuration

  • David Matuszek

    David Matuszek - 2008-01-22

    I've installed the Haskell plugin for Eclipse (from\),
    using Eclipse's Help > Software Updates > Find and install... menu. I've set
    Window > Preferences > Functional Programming > Haskell > Compiler > GHC compiler
    to C:\ghc\ghc-6.8.2\bin\ghc.exe. I have a Haskell perspective, and syntax coloring
    and error detection work.

    However, according to the documentation that I've found so far, under Run > Run as...,
    I should get the option "Haskell application". Instead, I get only the choices
    "1 Run GHCi session" and "2 Run Hugs 98 session". The former does open an interactive
    session, and :reload works, so the system is usable, but I think there must be a
    configuration step I've missed?

    I'm getting the same behavior with both Windows XP and Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger,
    with Java 6 and Eclipse Europa.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    --Dave Matuszek

    • Leif Frenzel

      Leif Frenzel - 2008-01-22

      Hi Dave,

      the Run as... menu item is a bit broken in the older version (0.10). It doesn't appear in the context menu, but when you have the executable selected, it should show up in the dropdown menu from the Run-icon in the toolbar (i.e. the green icon with the white triangle). At least it works for me on my Mac with Eclipse

      The project executable is the binary that has been compiled and linked, normally in the bin/ folder of the project. (If you haven't changed the name, it's called 'theResult.exe'.)

      On Windows, you may also want to check out the first build from the EclipseFP 2 branch:
      There's been a fix for the Run as... menu in there (though I don't exactly remember whether that was the same issue).

      Hope this helps,
      Thanks && ciao,


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