no database loaded for the hoogle view

  • Andreas Pakulat

    Andreas Pakulat - 2014-04-19

    I'm having issues to get the Hoogle support in EclipseFP to work. I've installed hoogle through cabal and it seems to work on the commandline. Unfortunately the Hoogle view in EclipseFP just says 'no database loaded' wether I check the 'local' or the 'hackage' checkbox.

    I'm running Eclipse FP 2.5.6 here and the scion-browser console prints only success messages as far as I can understand:

    Local database loaded
    Hackage database loaded

    I've also tried rebuilding the databases for scion-browser on the commandline but that did not help. Neither did removing the net.fs.eclipsefp* directories from workspace/.metadata/.plugins, though I did see various things being downloaded on the next Eclipse start in the scion-browser console.

  • Andreas Pakulat

    Andreas Pakulat - 2014-04-20

    Turns out that the reason for the issue was that I didn't have the SWT Browser available, i.e. neither the mozilla nor the webkit runtime libraries where installed. Could have been a bit more obvious that this is the problem, just accidentally noticed there is a problem with the SWT browser control while trying to add a dependency to a cabal project file.


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