Console IO in Haskell/eclipsefp

  • Anthony Berent

    Anthony Berent - 2009-05-02


    I have just been trying out EclipseFP (and Haskell) for the first time. In general it seems to work well, but one problem I am finding is that if I use "Run Haskell Application" the stdout output to the Eclipse console is buffered. As a result prompts for input from my program come out late.

    This does not happen if I run the Application in a terminal window, and I don't think it happens in Eclipse with other languages (e.g. C/C++).

    The only fix I have found to this is to add "hflush stdout" at various vital places in my program.

    • m-sanya

      m-sanya - 2009-05-02

      Seems like project stopped.


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