cursor locatoin in console

  • Andrew Frank

    Andrew Frank - 2005-08-15

    i observe a strange behavior of the cursor in the console:
    after execution, it is at the beginning of the prompt (not at the end), if there were several lines, it is even at the beginning of lines above the prompt. once I type, the cursor jumps to the right position and my input appears at the correcto location.
    is this something that just occurs on my screen or is it general?
    it started with 0.8 and I see it in 0.9 now. (not in 0.6)

    thanks for the attention!


    • Leif Frenzel

      Leif Frenzel - 2005-08-17

      Hm, I've not noted that. I guess it has something to do with the changes that Eclipse made in the console. I believe they have changed some things. Anyway, there is quite a list of TODO items on my list for the console (have been there a long time :-( The whole console connection needs an overhaul, and I'd like to use some of the new APIs they did in Eclipse 3.1 for the console. But I'm not sure when I will have the time to do that, since that's likely a task for more than only a few hours.



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