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  • artsrc

    artsrc - 2008-03-29

    When I write Java code I can write a unit test or main program and run it from within Eclipse with one action, typically one of:

    ALT - X - J
    ALT - X - T
    CTRL - F11

    You can even turn off the prompt for saving unsaved files.

    When I am writing haskell I save the file in eclipse, switch to a GHCi window, reload, then run something.

    Does anyone have any ideas for getting quicker feedback?


    • Leif Frenzel

      Leif Frenzel - 2008-03-29

      Hi Brendan,

      if you run GHCi from within Eclipse (i.e. in the Console View), this will get a bit more convenient soon:

      There will be a keyboard shortcut for directly launching GHCi on a file. It is already possible to launch GHCi from the editor context menu by mouse click.

      Both these features are only available in the latest development builds (those with the 1.10x.0 versions).

      (A lot more speculative: I think it will one day be possible to select functions directly in Eclipse and run them in GHCi. I see features like this in the same area as GHCi debugger support, which definitely is something I would like to have in EclipseFP. However, I think that is still some time away, probably something for after the EclipseFP 2 time frame, i.e. at the earliest after the summer.)

      Thanks && ciao,


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