Buildwrapper database error

  • neo

    neo - 2012-07-19

    I have a (git) project which isn't located inside my workspace but rather in a subfolder of my user dir (/user/git/project1). Buildwrapper outputs:
    buildwrapper.exe: buildwrapper.exe: can't find a package database at D:\workspace\project1\.dist-buildwrapper\dist\package.conf.inplace

    So, I guess this is a simple bug of a logic which tries to build the absolute project path by taking the workspace dir. Can this be fixed?


  • JP Moresmau

    JP Moresmau - 2012-07-22

    This works here. We usually ask Eclipse about the location of the project, not the location of the workspace, so this is really weird. I have a project exactly like you, a Git project inside the git folder and not at all under the workspace, and it works. Unless I've fixed the error without realizing it in my development version… Have you tried cleaning the project?

  • neo

    neo - 2012-08-02

    Hmm I can't reproduce this behavior anymore. Seems to work. But in the meantime I also reinstalled everything, so maybe there was a fix.


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