hoogle sometimes returns no results

  • rwking

    rwking - 2012-10-28

    Using hoogle within EclipseFP 2.3.2 returns no results for some symbols for which the command line version does return results.  I haven't figured out the pattern, but for example a hoogle for "deepseq" works fine, but "IORef" returns no results.  I'm running on Windows 7with scion-browser-0.2.11 and buildwrapper-0.6.2.  I have reinstalled eclipsefp, scion-browser, buildwrapper,  and eclipse from scratch with the same results.

    Doing a little debugging by rebuilding scion-browser with Main.hs modified to print the uncompressed results and then running it from the command line, for "deepseq" I see:

    Control.DeepSeq module Control.DeepSeq
    Control.DeepSeq deepseq :: NFData a => a -> b -> b
    package deepseq
    package deepseq-generics
    package deepseq-th
    package containers-deepseq
    package generic-deepseq
    Control.Parallel.Strategies rdeepseq :: NFData a => Strategy a
    Control.Seq rdeepseq :: NFData a => Strategy a

    Array (fromList [Object fromList [("type",String "module"),("results",Array (fro
    mList [Array (fromList [Object fromList [("version",String ""),("name",St ….

    (I ommitted results after the …)

    And for "IORef", I only see:

    Data.IORef module Data.IORef
    Data.IORef data IORef a
    package IORefCAS
    Data.IORef atomicModifyIORef :: IORef a -> (a -> (a, b)) -> IO b
    Data.IORef mkWeakIORef :: IORef a -> IO () -> IO (Weak (IORef a))
    Data.IORef modifyIORef :: IORef a -> (a -> a) -> IO ()
    Data.IORef newIORef :: a -> IO (IORef a)
    Data.IORef readIORef :: IORef a -> IO a
    Data.IORef writeIORef :: IORef a -> a -> IO ()

    Array (fromList )

    Any ideas?

  • rwking

    rwking - 2012-10-28

    By the way, I am running Haskell Platform 2012.2.0.0, I've deleted and recreated the eclipse workspace several times, and my most recent rebuild of the scion-browser database revealed the following download errors, don't know if it is a possible cause of the problem:

    GET /packages/archive/integer-gmp/ HTTP/1.1
    GET /packages/archive/haskell-platform/2012.2.0.0/doc/html/haskell-platform.txt HTTP/1.1
    GET /ghc/docs/7.4.1/html/libraries/haskell-platform-2012.2.0.0/haskell-platform.txt HTTP/1.1
    GET /packages/archive/ghc-prim/ HTTP/1.1
    GET /packages/archive/ghc/7.4.1/doc/html/ghc.txt HTTP/1.1
    GET /packages/archive/rts/1.0/doc/html/rts.txt HTTP/1.1
    GET /ghc/docs/7.4.1/html/libraries/rts-1.0/rts.txt HTTP/1.1
    GET /packages/archive/bin-package-db/ HTTP/1.1

  • JP Moresmau

    JP Moresmau - 2012-10-29

    You're absolutely right. Scion-browser doesn't manage to parse the hoogle file for the base package (base 4.5). Something to do with Kinds, so recent changes… I've uploaded scion-browser 0.2.12 to hackage, this should solve your problem. On my machine I couldn't see IORef, after the fix and reloading the whole db I see everything again.
    Thanks for noticing this and taking the time to investigate an report it.

  • rwking

    rwking - 2012-10-29

    Thank you sir, that fixed it.


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