Export makefiles?

  • Christopher Granade

    Is it possible to, using EclipseFP, export a makefile that someone without EclipseFP could use to build a project? Thanks for the help.

    • Leif Frenzel

      Leif Frenzel - 2007-09-22

      Hi Christopher,

      Generally, with Haskell projects, you should consider to use Cabal, the common Haskell build system. It is part of the standard distribution of GHC (don't know about the other compilers), and covers all one normally needs for making a package that others can download, build and install. Here's more info: http://haskell.org/cabal/

      In practice, this means that you write a Cabal config file, and then deliver it together with your sources, and anybody who has GHC installed can just call Cabal to build. In this respect, Cabal files are similar to Makefiles, but they are much easier to write.

      EclipseFP has some basic support for Cabal files (there is an editor with some syntax coloring, and you can create a basic Cabal file template). EclipseFP cannot yet run a Cabal build directly, and there is no integration between Cabal and EclipseFP's autocompile, but hopefully there will be more support in the future.

      What I normally do to create a package is to use Eclipse's standard export to archive function, I include the sources and the Cabal file, and send the resulting tar.gz via email. The recipient can then extract the file and run Cabal.

      Hope this helps :-)

      Thanks && ciao,


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