Executable is not rebuilt sometimes

  • Denys Rtveliashvili

    The executable is being rebuilt only when "Main" module is modified. If user changes another module, the executable is not updated.

    Noticed on Eclipse 3.1, Haskell plugin version is 0.9.

    The project contains two modules. One of them contains a function with a string "abc". The other module (Main) calls that function and prints the string on the screen.

    When the string is changed to "abcd", the file is saved and run "Build All". The executable is not changed. Then I re-save the "Main" module again (without any modifications) and the executable becomes updated.

    • Leif Frenzel

      Leif Frenzel - 2006-01-03

      Hi Denys,

      thanks :-) You are right, this doesn't work. It is a known limitation. With the current state, you have to artificially modify the Main module for rebuilding. Sorry about that ...

      With the new parser that Thiago has done, we should be in a situation however to address that problem. It is basically an issue that can be solved by finding the Main module at build time and then running ghc over that with --make. We're doing that currently, but only with the changed files, which doesn't help in all cases.


    • Andrew Frank

      Andrew Frank - 2006-03-19

      it would be useful if the rebuild is not only for the "main". we often have projects which do not contain a main, but only modules which contain some functions which are then tested in ghci.

      it would be extremely useful, if after a change in a file, any file which depends on this file is rebuilt automatically.

      thank you!



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