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1.0.7 committed to CVS

The SourceForge CVS servers are back online today, so I committed the source for version 1.0.7 for the plug-in, the feature, the update site and the web site documentation. I've tagged all as "v1_0_7".

Posted by David J. Biesack 2006-04-05

1.0.7 Released

I released version 1.0.7 of ETEE. This version supports more text editors in Eclipse, namely most of the text exitors for the WebTools 1.0/1.0.1 releases (XML, JSP, HTML, CSS, DTD, JavaScript editors). It also fixes a bug in the feature.xml file that caused an exception when in the Eclipse update manager. All users should upgrade to 1.0.7.

Unfortunately, the SourceForge CVS service is down so even though I was able to build and release 1.0.7 and update the docs, I was not able to commit the source changes for 1.0.7 back to CVS. I'll correct this when the SourceForge CVS service is repaired. The latest post about it was on 3/30 and it was expected to be out for 48 hours minimum.

Posted by David J. Biesack 2006-04-02


Minor bug release. The plugin would throw an exception when you cancel from the dialog for running a filter against a region. You would only notice this exception if you look in the Eclipse log (or if you are debugging from source). No need to upgrade from 1.0.4 unless you wish to keep your log clean (and you cancel the dialog a lot...)

Posted by David J. Biesack 2005-12-02

1.0.4: Production

I've marked 1.0.4 as a stable/production release. The downloads show pretty good activity and there have been no bug reports against the 1.0.4 version. Enjoy!

Posted by David J. Biesack 2005-07-18

Initial Release (v1.0.0)

Version 1.0.0 of ETEE was released on May 12, 2003. The first draft of the Plug-in's doc is on the website (the Home Page link) at

Posted by David J. Biesack 2005-05-14