Hi everybody,

I have started testing on the current status for 0.4. So far it looks good to me. I have not yet tested a lot with http and ssh repos, only with local repos. Below is my current testing log:


- none :-)

Minor things (no blocker, but should be fixed):

1) specific repo selection does (not yet?) work in darcs-send dialog
2) apply patchbundle dialog does not yet work

I have disabled both functionalities for the time being.

3) I think it should be possible to enable patch annotations (and perhaps
   even pristine tree browsing) for ssh repos
4) the new features need perhaps a bit of documentation

Trivial things:

- (on Windows)
- run with a fresh workspace, open the Darcs Repository Browsing perspective
- select 'New Repo Location'
- the dialog is far too wide

- perhaps we should not show the repo itself when pulling and pushing

I have now pushed all patches to the main repo, and I'm preparing another intermediate build, 0.3.2, for testing. All goes well, we should be able to get 0.4 out by the end of the week :-)

Thanks && ciao,

Leif Frenzel