Missing assembly reference

Ken Siberz
  • Ken Siberz

    Ken Siberz - 2009-11-09

    If I reference XmlDocument in the Page.xaml.cs file I get the error "The type or namespace name 'XmlDocument' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"
    I have a using System.Xml directive in the file, and System.Xml is in my list of References for the project. Why can't the name be found?

  • Yves YANG

    Yves YANG - 2009-11-09


    Maybe we need the source code to understand issue. I suppose it is a question about Silverlight, instead of eclipse tool. You can address your issue in silverlgith forum:

  • Ken Siberz

    Ken Siberz - 2009-11-10

    Yves -

    The C# code references XmlDocument; the code has the "using System.Xml;" directive; the project References include System.Xml. System.Xml.dll is in the Silverlight/v2.0/Reference Assemblies directory. Yet I get the "name not found" compile-time error. If I comment-out the XmlDocument line the application compiles and runs.

    I think it is an Eclipse4sl problem rather than a Silverlight problem because I find on the internet many working Silverlight examples using XmlDocument, but they are built with Visual Studio.

    Somehow Eclipse4SL is not finding the System.Xml.dll even though it has the reference. Could I be missing a plug-in or something?

    The source - XAML and C# - is about 80 lines. How do I send it to you?

    Thanks, Ken

  • Ken Siberz

    Ken Siberz - 2009-11-11

    Yves, I think you're right - it's a Silverlight bug. Others in the forums mention that XmlDocument is missing. I wonder how the example writers get it to run. So I'm using XDocument, which works. Thanks for your help.

  • Yves YANG

    Yves YANG - 2009-11-11

    Could you put a link here to Silverlight forum about this issue ? It will be helpful for others in case they run into the same problem.



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