#1 A work around for the wrong implemented SDCC assembler call


Purpose of the program
The collaboration of Eclipse and SDCC is maintained by EclipseSDCC (http://eclipse-sdcc.sourceforge.net)
Unfortunally the project has bugs while using the SDCC Assembler the first bug is caused by the malformed command line, which is - in my case, working with an 8051 based controller -
as51 -o"xxx.rel" ../xxx.asm

while the correct action would be
asx8051.exe -lo ../xxx.asm
copy ..\xxx.rel .\xxx.rel
copy ..\xxx.lst .\xxx.lst

since I am not able to change the behaviour of EclipseSDCC (nor the owner is willing to clean up the bug) I wrote this small Delphi program which does the job

How it work
Eclipse call the (renamed) program with the malformed command line.
This program reads the ini file, creates a valid command line and call the original SDCC assembler (file name read out of the ini file).
After successfully called the original assembler, the program moves the output files into the directory given by the malformed command line

Everything should run smoothly now.


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