#2 Support for Displaying and editing Comments


Display and permit editing of comments for each message.
A text area is displayed above the message text area
containing the comment.

Note that # chars must be added by hand.

The idea is that comments may be used to provide additional information for translators.
E.g. "# Displayed in popup when user presses OK. {0} = user name"


  • Pascal Essiembre

    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Pascal Essiembre

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    Originator: NO

    Paul, I tested the patch and noticed a few issues. First, the text box for comments does not scale. Try opening a resource bundle with many locales (tested with 8). You will see that the comment box does not get resized like the regular text box does. The logic for resizing the regular text box properly (to ensure they are not too small) is broken by the new comment fields. This makes the plugin non-usable in such cases.

    Second, the users should not have to type in the # for their comments. The plugin should take care of it for them. Else, this will no doubt lead in cases where comments are entered but not saved properly (or not read properly by the plugin).

    Third, you have one comment field per locales. Many users would want only one field for all locales since comments are often meant for developers/translator. But that one is more about giving options than an issue per say (it should be made configurable). Whether to make the comments editable should be configurable also (some people would prefer having more screen real estate).

    Because of these issues (mostly the first two), I did not commit your patch to CVS. I had in mind to support editing comments one day (that's why they are loaded and saved properly as of now). You can attempt to submit those again, or wait until I get to it, but I can't guarantee when that will be.

    Thanks for your support.

    P.S. I closed the entry, but feel free to re-open it if you have another patch to submit. If you do so, it would be great if you produce a "CVS patch" against the HEAD branch.


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