#9 Make newline type configurable


As discussed in item item #1126175, I would like to be
able to configure RBE to make use of only "\n" instead of
the "\r\n" I get on my Windows system.

I work for the opensource project ArgoUML
(www.argouml.org). We have developers with Windows,
Linux and Macintosh, all 3 using different newlines.
Our agreement is to have the files in Linux format in the
CVS repository, and while checking them out, the CVS
tooling converts them to the local format. And when
checking in/committing, the files are converted back to
Linux format automatically by the CVS tool.

Hence, I receive a properties file where some developer
used "\n". If I now edit a little, it gets changed locally
to "\r\n", then this does not get converted by CVS, and the
other developer gets to see something strange on his
Linux system...
I.e. if I see in the "default" tab:
On my system this would be represented in
the "Properties" tab in 2 seperate lines.
But on the Linux system this would be 2 lines with an
empty line in between. If he changes a little, and saves,
then we will get:

Now I start editing a little, and we get:

Sounds stupid, but I've seen it happen.

Beware, my example about Windows and Linux may be
not the correct combination that gives this problem - I am
not sure any more.


  • Pascal Essiembre

    Logged In: YES

    Since Eclipse does not seem to offer overwriting default OS
    behaviour, I will certainly consider implementing this in a
    next release.

  • Pascal Essiembre

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    A solution has been added to CVS. Will be part of next release.

  • Pascal Essiembre

    • labels: --> New Functionality
    • milestone: --> 450941
    • assigned_to: nobody --> essiembre
  • Pascal Essiembre

    • milestone: 450941 --> Released
    • status: open --> closed
  • Pascal Essiembre

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    Solution implemented in release 0.6.0.


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