#13 Fixed language


Perhaps there should be buttons with which you could
"fix" a language field. This means that when you change
the selected entry, the cursor automatically focuses
the "fixed" language.

This would make translating a lot easier.


  • Pascal Essiembre

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  • Pascal Essiembre

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    Interesting... I am not ruling this out. What if upon
    changing the selected entry, the focus is automatically put
    on the last "focused" language field? But then that means
    you would not be able to navigate the tree with your
    keyboard keys (you would always lose focus). A good
    compromise would have to be found.

  • Robin Hermanussen

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    Good suggestion concerning the focus keeping. Navigating the
    tree/entry list WOULD be possible in combination with this
    functionality if you could catch keyboard events outside the
    focused area. Perhaps using the same way Eclipse itself
    catches certain key combinations. You would probably have to
    add extension points in different locations.

    You could use "Ctrl-cursor key" for instance.

    Or you could use a key combination to switch between
    navigating inside the edit box (keeping the focus) and
    navigating the tree/list.

    I'm just a beginner when it comes to writing Eclipse
    plugins, but if you want to continue this discussion outside
    this (not very tech-focused) channel, I'd be more than happy to.


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