Next release?

  • Sebastian M.

    Sebastian M. - 2005-05-17


    any ETA for the next release?

    • Pascal Essiembre

      I am hoping to release 0.6.0 before the end of June.  If I am lucky, it can be before the end of this month.

      On top of bug fixes and open feature requests marked to be part of the next release, here are some undocumented additional features you can expect:

      - Wizard for creating new resource bundle.
      - Support for Eclipse "nl" structure for I18N of plugin development.
      - Spanish plugin translation.

    • Sebastian M.

      Sebastian M. - 2005-05-18

      Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

      • Pascal Essiembre

        In case you have not noticed already, version 0.6.0 was just released. 


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