Support for UTF8 resource bundles?

Ka Wu
  • Ka Wu

    Ka Wu - 2012-11-01

    This is a comparably new topic:

    This describes how to use UTF-8 coded property files using Java 6.

    Problem is that the ResourceBundle Editor doesn't support UTF-8-coded property files. It shows them in mojibake:

    Any chance for this being fixed for the next version? We're currently using version 0.7.7.


  • Pascal Essiembre

    It was tested successfully with non Latin languages.   In Eclipse, in your file properties, what is the encoding?  It is often not UTF-8 by default. If you create a new file from scratch and make sure the encoding on it is UTF-8, and you re-enter your text, do you still have the problem?  Also, do you use the unicode encoding option?

    Finally, you think you can attach your file?  Or a snippet of it?

  • Ka Wu

    Ka Wu - 2012-11-06

    Of course, you were right. The files weren't UTF-8 encoded. It looks correct now when editing.

    Another question is left though:

    Is there any reason why entering UTF-8 encodable characters into a UTF-8-encoded file are still showing up as '\uXXXX' escaped sequences and not the (now readable) characters themselves? After all, I think that ONE purpose of using UTF-8 property files plus a framework that reads them to be in READABLE format.

    Any different opinions/input on that are welcome, even if it's just for clearing up why this has been made so.


  • Pascal Essiembre

    How you want unicode characters to be written to file can be set in the plugin preferences.  You have to option to escape them to \uXXXX format (default) or not.


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