Update site?

  • Jörg Eichhorn

    Jörg Eichhorn - 2006-02-10

    Hi all,

    is there an update site for the ResourceBundleEditor available? I found no information about this on the page.
    An update site would make installation much easier.

    Thanks for help.

    • Pascal Essiembre

      Unfortunately not.  I am looking for ways to have the Eclipse update manager work with SourceForge download mechanism so I can keep download stats.

      I am thinking to write a plugin to do that as I suspect other plugin developers would like to be able to benefit from SourceForge stats feature while providign Update Manager support.

      Unless someone already knows a way?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've seen some eclipse plugins which are also located at sourceforge just putting the update site on the sf provided website (something like http://eclipse-rbe.sourceforge.net/updates for rbe).

    • Pascal Essiembre

      Yes you are correct, but this would cancel the stats benefit that SourceForge provides.  I wrote to their support team to see if they were aware of a way to do it.  Their suggestion was to write a plugin to do it.  Stay tuned...


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