Any "official" RBE mirror on github or bitbucket?

  • Vadim Dmitriev

    Vadim Dmitriev - 2013-07-20


    I'm planning to spend some time hacking on this (excellent!) plugin and wondering if the author is planning to mirror source code repository on github or bitbucket. Aside from CVS being a little outdated, github/bitbucket will greatly simplify contributing back.

    ~ Vadim

  • Pascal Essiembre

    I am the original author and I am for whatever helps improve this plugin in any way. I vote for github but I am not sure what mirroring the code there would involve. Would it effectively render obsolete the code on source forge or will they some how keep being in sync?

    This being said, I no longer have the time myself to support the plugin. I can help the best I can with this activity, but the last active maintainer was "cuhiodtick" (who release the 0.8 version). See if he can help in any way. cuhiodtick, are you still around?

  • Vadim Dmitriev

    Vadim Dmitriev - 2013-08-04

    Hi Pascal!

    It seems Cuhiodtick is not around at this time (or is not monitoring the forum).

    I read a little abound mirroring SVN/CVS repos on github/bitbucket and all recipes involve separate server that continuously pushes changes to the mirror from the upstream (for example, cron job or some kind of a hook). Not sure that it will be feasible since there is no active maintainer.

    However, I've imported CVS repository into git and now it is available here:

    Here is how I did it in case you are planning to do the same to change primary repo type from CVS to git here at SF:
    1. (made local CVS mirror of remote SF repo)
    cvssuck -D command .
    2. (converted local CVS repo to git)
    git cvsimport -a -i -k -d path_to_CVS_mirror -v com.essiembre.eclipse.i18n.resourcebundle

    Or you can just clone my repo up to the changeset a1709bdb.

    ~ Vadim

    Last edit: Vadim Dmitriev 2013-08-04
  • Pascal Essiembre

    At least I got time to work on this and I am glad to have a positive answer. The project has now been "officialy" migrated to GitHub: Grab version 1.0.0 working just fine on Eclipse 4.x.

    You can read the news here.

    As opposed to do a straight push, I migrated the code into brand new projects, all OSGI-enabled, dropping old configuration/code. If you managed to do updates of your own to the code you think could benefit the new official location, please feel free to submit pull requests.


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