keys automatically reordered?

  • lehaha

    lehaha - 2005-10-20

    Hi dear developers,

    I have tried this wonderful tool and feel very convenient! :)

    Only one minor problem here: I have created a localization file using notepad, inside which the keys are classified by different uses, not alphabetically. However, when it was opened and saved in the Resourcebundel editor in eclipse, the keys would be automatically reordered!

    My question is, is it possible to avoid reordering and keep my own classification?

    thanks a lot and kindest regards,


    • Pascal Essiembre

      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, there is no way right now to turn off the sorting feature.  There is already a feature request to make this a configuration option (RFE #1226396). 

      I think it may take a while before you see it implemented, as this implies significant refactoring.

      One alternative (if possible for your project), is to group concepts together with the same prefixes, separated with a dot (or other configurable character).  You would then have your different uses clearly separated in the properties files, with the benefit of being sorted.  Instead of having this (which would get reordered wrong):

      # Contact info
      lastName = Last Name
      firstName = First Name

      # Adresse
      street = Street
      country = Country

      You could have this:

      # Contact info
      contact.lastName = Last Name
      contact.firstName = First Name

      # Adress
      address.street = Street = Country

      Which would, once sorted, put address first, but your info would still be grouped logically.

    • lehaha

      lehaha - 2005-10-21

      Hi essiembre,

      Your solution is a good idea but it also means a significant refactoring for our project. ;)

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the quick and kind reply!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Again, great plugin. I too would like to see the auto sorting feature become optional.

    • Mihai Sz.

      Mihai Sz. - 2007-05-14

      Great tool, very nice features it has, as I had time to test it until now, I like very much the keys outline and also global outline/edit for files with same starting string.
      But I would like also to have the in editor keys reordered feature :-) optional.

      Will be really great to have sync between default editor and key outline for key selection.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I strongly agree with making reordering optional.
      In every serious project, version control tool and change history is vital for project health. If an existing project is considering to make switch to this great plugin, how regret it would be since they are threaten way only because the reordering side effect: The whole set of bundles are changed and change history is totally gone.
      A step further, if the feature is considering to be implemented, it would be nice to preserve comments, empty lines, line breaks (a line end with '\') untouched, so that it will not bothering version control tools with fake changes.
      Sound difficult, but very useful feature!

    • Johannes Zillmann

      I algin myself to the previous speakers. Great and usefull tool!
      But the automatic reordering prevents the use of the tool for me/my company in the most projects.

      But thanks anyway!

    • MIDIcat

      MIDIcat - 2007-09-26

      It's a great tool. And I also vote for optional disabling of key sorting.


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