Property files in multiple folders

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    We have our base property file in one folder and all the derived files in another folder. They are all in the same package.

    E.g. for the package "com.mywebsite.myproduct.general" we have
    1) the base resource file "" (English translation) in one folder, and
    2) the derived resource files "", "" (Danish, Swedish) etc. in another folder.

    When I open the resource editor in folder 2, I see all the translations fine, but not the main English one. When I open the resource editor in folder 1, I only see the English file and not the Danish and Swedish ones.

    It seems it is not possible to see all, if the resource bundles are in different folders (although they are in the same package)?

    Thanks for any help
    Martin Lohse

    PS. From a related thread I found the following answer Pascal Essiembre:

    "For regular resource bundles, the files have to be in the same folder (or package), but that folder can be anywhere in your Eclipse workspace. The files themselves have to be named to match the Java specs (see java.util.ResourceBundle javadoc)."

    • Pascal Essiembre

      As you are stating in your quote, the files have to be in the same folder.  Put the base file in the same folder as the other ones and it will work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Ok, I thought that the quote " the same folder (or package)" meant that the files could be in different folders as long as the files were part of the same package. But apparently that is not the case.

      Thanks for your reply.


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