erb + arabe

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    can i use erb for arab translation( d'ont exist)?

    thank you


    • Pascal Essiembre

      Sure you can.   The user interface is not translated in Arab, but that does not prevent you to use the plugin to support any languages.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thank you for your answer.

      can you help me to understand how i can see the letter in arab.

      I have a file which contains for example:

      AccountingATrItPrefix = \ u0628 \ u0627 \ u062F \ u0626 \ u0629

      how can i converter this code to see the arab letter.

      thank you.


      • Pascal Essiembre

        I see you have spaces after the backslashes in your example.  Get rid of those.   Then the plugin should be smart enough to display arabic characters, provided that you have an arabic font installed on your computer. Do you?  You can also try to change the default font for Eclipe to that found if you still have problems.


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