Creating a key within the editor/s

  • Srepfler Srgjan

    Srepfler Srgjan - 2006-04-23

    I have a suggestion on a new feature. I'm using the Eclipse WTP JSP editor and sometimes thare are large patches of structured text (text and tags). It would be really interesting if it would be possible to do this:
    1. Select all text to replace with a key.
    2. Choose a menu option Externalize to resource bundle.
    3. Wizard pops up whene you insert the key, choose wheter to take out all double spaces and new carrige as in html they often are irrelevant, choose with what to replace it with, ex: <c:message key="the.chosen.key"/>; but it should be user custamizible as i belive struts has also a message tag and perhaps also other taglibs.
    4. Finish, and you have the whole text replaced with the taglib call that calls the key and the resource bundle contains the entry.

    I suppose the same thing could be usefull in the Java or even C,C++ editor and others as well as most platform offer libraries for i18n so the plugin should detect the editor and offer the reasnoble choices for substitution, so allow users to submit their editors reasnoble compleations to the repo in some manner.

    • Pascal Essiembre

      This would be quite nice.  Time is what is missing right now to implement most feature requests.  To make sure your ideas don't get lost, would you mind putting a feature request.  Thank you.

    • Srepfler Srgjan

      Srepfler Srgjan - 2006-04-24

      Done. Thanks!

      • Pascal Essiembre

        Much appreciated.  Thanks.


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