How can I prohibit the alphabetic sort

Hans Willi
  • Hans Willi

    Hans Willi - 2008-01-22

    I've on equestion.
    How can I prohibit the alphabetic sort of the keys after the first change of the .properties file.
    I do not find the corresponding setting.


    • Pascal Essiembre

      This is currently not possible.  This is an intended feature for an Eclipse Babel version (

      • Hans Willi

        Hans Willi - 2008-01-23

        Thx for the answer.
        Do You have a timeframe for the implementation?

        Is there a workaround?


        • Pascal Essiembre

          The only work around or recommendation I see is to logically group your keys with a common prefix describing their context.  The plugin can be configured with a separator of your choice (e.g. ".", "_", etc).  Then related keys will still be together (if that is you main concern) and will be easier to reference overall.   Example:

          address.street =

          client.firstName = First Name
          client.lastName = Last Name

          A frequent practice for UI classes is to have the prefix match the class name (for easier referencing), but this may not apply to you.

          The properties files will be rendered, separating groups with blank lines for easier read (all configurable).

          The plugin will also display them as a tree (one node being "address", with having "city" and "street" as chilren).

          I do not know whether you are already doing it like that or not, but doing it that way does not mess up any "logical" grouping of keys you may have.

          I hope that helps.

    • Pascal Essiembre

      Oh and no... no delivery date still for the Babel project (there will be much more to that project than the messages editor per say, so a lot has to be coordinated before we setup a target date).   The project will be discussed at the next EclipseCon in California.


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