#49 plugin does not respect the actual properties file syntax


A Java properties file can have the key and value delimited by an = sign, a space, or a colon, and acording to the javadoc of the Properties class, any additional delimiters before the value begins are ignored.

"The key contains all of the characters in the line starting with the first non-white space character and up to, but not including, the first unescaped '=', ':', or white space character other than a line terminator. All of these key termination characters may be included in the key by escaping them with a preceding backslash character; for example,


would be the two-character key ":=". Line terminator characters can be included using \r and \n escape sequences. Any white space after the key is skipped; if the first non-white space character after the key is '=' or ':', then it is ignored and any white space characters after it are also skipped. All remaining characters on the line become part of the associated element string; if there are no remaining characters, the element is the empty string "". Once the raw character sequences constituting the key and element are identified, escape processing is performed as described above."

Therefore the default syntax of space-equals-space or " = " is wasteful, and should be "=" or " " (or ":" but I haven't seen that often).

Also, the editor should be able to parse the other possible options, not just the " = ".

I'm running into an issue documented here:


Where the Red Hat editor is replacing the " = " with " ", seemingly in line with the spec, and then this plugin (which I love btw) won't read those files.





  • Cuhiodtick

    Cuhiodtick - 2012-09-11

    Thanks for the bug report. Parsing of properties files with ':' instead of '=' is implemented in 0.8.0 now.

  • Cuhiodtick

    Cuhiodtick - 2012-09-11
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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